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fortlands IT - Privacy focused technology support

A Bristol IT support service offering a range of computer solutions
to small businesses, charities and residential clients.
Over 25 years experience in the IT industry.

Computer Repairs and Upgrades  ◇  Remote Support  ◇  Network Services  ◇  Backup Solutions  ◇  Consultancy

Feel at home with Fortlands IT support

Why use fortlands IT support

fortlands IT provide honest, reliable and friendly IT support to small businesses, charities and residential clients in the Bristol area. We endeavour to approach every IT situation with an open mind and will attempt to solve critical issues as soon as possible. We are proud to provide IT support services to the local community. If we are unable to provide a solution, we will recommend someone who can. It is impossible to be an expert in everything. We know our strengths and weaknesses and are able to provide optimal results based on this awareness. We are a small personal business and care about our clients.

Data is everywhere. The amount of information that is being shared online is phenomenal. Our clients are encouraged to think about what they share and we implement procedures and solutions that can help protect their online activity. fortlands IT can help with internet security, online privacy, data protection and implemet practical computing solutions for todays connected web.

Our clients really rate our work and we have a 92% retention rate. Read what they have to say about us...

"The fortlands IT support team have been on call for us for a few years now. They provide a prompt, reliable service and have assisted us with remote support on many occasions. Highly recommended."

ClenElect - Electrical Services

"My laptop had died, fortlands IT installed Ubuntu Linux on my old laptop and has given it a new lease of life. Thank you so much"

Mish - Director, Bristol

"The guys at fortlands IT helped me to set up my email and domain name for my business. They are always on hand to offer tips, tricks and support in my time of need."

Sarah - Naturally Healing Bristol

"Wayne has been my go-to IT guy for that last few years. He is always there to repair my laptop and offer sound advice regarding security and internet privacy practices. Many thanks."

Julie - Circus Fantastic


Tux, the Linux penguin

We prefer Linux

Linux is a free and open source operating system. What does this mean? This means that the code that is written to run Linux is available for all to see and edit and improve. Security experts can audit the code (because it is open source), and check for any flaws and vulnerabilites and fix them quickly.

We are passionate about Linux and free and open source software. Linux is already a very popular operating system on the internet. We believe it should be on every desktop computer also.

We encourage the reviving of older hardware where appropriate, putting it to good use again and keeping it out of landfill. Linux is a very capable, modern desktop operating system with no licencing costs. Adopting Free and Open Source software can be a life changing experience. Our business has adopted this approach and we haven't looked back.

The core of our business is powered by Linux. We setup and administer virtual machines (KVM) and Ubuntu Servers which host websites, cloud services (Nextcloud) and remote support services.

The Windows Logo Apple Mac computers

Microsoft Windows / Apple Mac

We have over two decades experience in the Windows environment. Many of our clients use Windows at the core of their business.

Backup solutions, anti-virus installation and updates, stream-lining Windows operation, speeding up computers, diagnosing IT issues and problem solving are just some of the services we provide.

We are competent in troubleshooting issues with Microsoft Windows systems. If you have an older computer that is struggling under Windows or you feel it has come to the end of its life, come and talk to us. We may be able to offer a solution to bring that older machine back to life.

We are able to help you set up your Apple devices, connect to networks and perform privacy based tasks. We can advise regarding Apple hardware, moving data and performing Apple OSX related fixes and improvements.

All kinds of repairs at fortlands IT support.

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We can repair Windows and Linux operating systems, reinstall software, fix problems, recover data, install hardware, virus and spyware removal and more. If you need help upgrading your computer we can install RAM, hard drives, disk storage, printers and other peripherals.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Your data is important. Is your network set up for optimal data protection? There are steps we can take to reduce the possibility of attacks on your network. While nothing is 100% safe, we can certainly shut down exposed areas of entry.

Would you like to set up a separate network for guests to your home or business?

Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

While this is an enormous topic, let's discuss some simple steps you can take to staying safe online. We have many recommendations and ideas that we implement in our own business so we are constantly looking for the latest, safest approach to today's online existence.

We'd love to discuss this with you.

Your data is important. Take a moment to reflect on how you would feel if you had to start it all again, from scratch. Your accounts, your documents, your photos, your videos, all gone. Let fortlands IT advise and implement a regular backup strategy to be put in place to safeguard your data. NOW is the time to do this.

Get in touch to discuss your options.

fortlands IT is a Bristol based IT support service. It is run by Wayne, who has been active in IT industry for over 25 years. He has a Cisco CCNA in computer networking and has worked in IT for the educational sector for over half that time. He is experienced in the Windows and Linux operating systems and takes great pleasure in providing open source solutions to proprietary problems.

Wayne is also a co-host of the binary times podcast which explores all things linux and open source.


Computer repairs at Fortlands IT

Computer Repairs

Your computer is safe with us. We have an extensive range of knowledge and tools to cater for many IT issues. While some issues can be solved remotely, hardware issues will need to be delivered to us for inspection unless a site visit has been arranged.

Remote computer support at Fortlands IT

Remote IT Support

Many computer issues can be resolved remotely, as long as there is a reliable internet connection. We can remote in to your computer with your permission and solve many issues from afar.

Computer networking support at Fortlands IT

Computer Networking

We deliver a Cisco CCNA standard of network support. With this knowledge we can provide you with optimal network setup and solutions, i.e. setting up routers, extending WiFi range or advice setting up network backups.

Expert training with Fortlands IT support

IT Consultant

We can provide professional consultancy in many areas of computing. This advice is ideal for the business users who want to get more out of their computer network, servers or everyday IT tasks.

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